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Beach towel and slippers Havaianas | Beach basket Ruika at Cores de Perdição | iPhone at Apple Store | Waterproof Case for iPhone available at Casa shop | Clutch “Fashion Code” Zara | Sunglasses Chanel at André Ópticas
For me this is the “Summer Vacation” month, I’ve always remembered calling it so. There are the getaways, the all-relax-mojito-by-the-pool in a fabulous Resort vacations and the adventurous travels, the city travels… I could go on since it comes easy for me to name things… But back to what brings us here, I’m going to talk to you about Summer Vacations. For me this is family time, we do not have the habit of including hangouts but we do have a lot of beach time, dives, “bolas de berlim” (which is a portuguese cake, usually sold on the beach), lots of ice-creams, loads of fun and every year we came back with new funny stories and private jokes to makes us laugh all year… sometimes for years to came!
Unlike what you’d probably expect of me, I’ve always been very disciplined when it comes to packing. Sure I always take one extra thing that end up not wearing but I enjoy having alternatives… One or two, not hundreds! I do not pack everything in duplicate, I don’t carry ten bags and I’ve never payed excess baggage.
That being said and because I’m also thinking of what to take on my vacay this year, I thought I share with you some tips to help you make choices and also, leave you an ideia of what’s on my list, hopefully inspiring you on what to pack.
Bikini on the Left Poko Pano at El Corte Inglés | Bikini on the Right Nyos
I can not be without my iPhone and if there were times that when on vacay I would leave the phone on the room for most of the day, that’s becoming harder and harder since I always want to take photos with it. But I’m always super careful with my stuff, I don’t like when they brake due to neglect or miss use. Accidents do happen but I do my best to prevent them. Therefor, this year I’m taking a waterproof case to avoid unwanted splashes and sand in my inseparable gadget.
Another item that I love and have been using for years now are Havaianas, it’s a Brazilian slippers brand and they’re absolutely gorgeous, stylish and super versatile. Since I wear this most of the time, I usually take two or three pares to vary.
Sunglasses are also a must, protection is everything and these are indispensable to me since I have sensitive eyes. Obviously if you can ally protection and fashion, I’m all for it and these pair of Chanel sunnies are definitely on my radar this season (my birthday is just around the corner in case you’re wondering…!).
Because I’m super organized, it’s mandatory that I have a large basket where I can easily fit my towel along with everything else, as well as a smaller bag to keep the smaller items at hand.
And because we’re going to the beach, naturally we musn’t forget our swimwear. For me these two models have it all. One is classic, perfect for both small and large breaths because of the support it offers and super flattering; the other, stylish and original is really flattering for smaller breaths. Three to five bikinis should be enough for a two week vacation. It will allow you to vary without overpacking.
All by Sahoco, available at Cores de Perdição
Beachwear should be light, fresh and uncomplicated. Think of outfits or items that can easily take you to the beach but also, from here to the terrace or a seafront dinner; clothes that can be combined amongst  them giving you more coordinate options with less clothing. Think versatile, easy to care for, no ironing clothes because these are the kind of pieces that will allow you to relax, not worrying about your attire all the time, after all we’re on vacations!
High-heel sandals by Sahoco | Flat sandals by Ruika | Bracelets, Chain and rings all Anartxy | All available at Cores de Perdição.
Fedora by Mango at Freeport Outlet Shopping | Necklaces by Zara | Natalia Turban by Eugenia Kim
Accessories are always important in every attire, even on vacation. Their the main responsible for completely transforming an outfit, making it look entirely different, even though you haven’t change that much clothe wise. But you don’t need to take a all bunch. Again, think versatile and fun, take a few of each and vary from sober coordinates to more bold ones or mixed. When on vacay, more so than the rest of the year, accessories are suppose to amuse us, so have fun with them and don’t take yourself to seriously. Essential are a fedora and turbans being that the later can easily take you from day to night.
Clothes and wedges Zara | Handbag Coach available at Loja das Meias
What to wear outside the beach is almost always where we lose control over our luggage and that’s why we have to make even smarter choices when it comes to this. When we think about it, we spend most of our time at the beach so we don’t need all that much to wear elsewhere. Once again I urge you to choose wisely, go for versatile clothing, few items that work with each other, so that we can mixed them up and get more outfits out of them. Accessories are a great help here as well. What’s essential? A pair of jeans, a leather jacket or any versatile jacket for a chilly night. A pair of stylish wedges for a special dinner or a night out; some basics such as t-shirts and tops (don’t over pack here), a pair of shorts and a go-with-everything handbag.
Shampoo Vitamino Color and Solar Sublime Mask, both L’oreal Professionnel  | Shu Uemura Essence Absolue | Wella hair sunscreen | Bioderma face moisturizing with SPF | Nivea Protect & Bronze SPF | Clarins aftersun body lotion | MyLabel body exfoliating
Last but, certainly, not least, beauty products. It’s really important that we exfoliant before starting beach season and keep it up weekly. This way you’ll get a even, dark spots free tan. Sunscreen is obviously a must and you should have one that is appropriate for your face skin-type and another suitable for your body skin-type, either one should have the minimum of SPF 30. Also, do not neglect protecting your hair from sun exposure so it won’t get fragile and damaged trough the Summer. any sunscreen should be applied after sun exposure and reapplied every time you go for a swim or whenever you feel the need.Also, we should care for our skin and hair before and after going to the beach. There’s the importance of a good aftersun lotion, a good night moisturizing suited to your face skin and, as for the hair, you should look for products that match it’s needs – if it’s highlighted or tinted or damaged, all needs to be taken into account when choosing the right products, never forgetting sunscreen and aftersun care. For those of you who usually brush your hair at the beach and since we shouldn’t do it to wet hair, I found that this “Tangle Teezer” brush really helps preventing split ends and makes detangling easier.


Have fun and enjoy your vacations!


Stay Happy & Fashiontastic!
xoxo, RCM
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  • Mavi

    Gostei do post, identificome com alguns dos artigos que referenciaste. Não conhecia aquela bolsinha protectora de iphone, acho que me vai ser bastante útil!!

  • Raquel C. Macias

    Obrigada Mavi. Ainda bem que pude ajudar!Até breve e uma óptima semana,RCM.