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How to Look Good in Sweaters

How to Look Good in Sweaters

I think it’s only fair that we start by approaching the elephant in the room!… Is anyone flattered by wearing a bulky sweater? The short answer is: No. But the truth is, when it’s freezing outside, you don’t always care about being flattered, as much as you care about being warm and cozy. And it feels so good to be in a cozy sweater, snuggling …

5 Ways to be More Stylish

5 Ways to be more Stylish

Who wouldn’t like to elevate his/her personal style? All of us can improve our style and that will certainly benefit your personal and professional life but, also and more importantly, built your self-esteem and self-confidence. Here’s 5 super easy, tried and tested formulas to elevate your personal style in no time! 1 – Confidence is key! Meaning, if you have something about you that you …