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5 Investment Bags you’ll have Forever

5 Investment bags you’ll have forever CHANEL STARBUCKS LIPSTICK

I don’t know about you but I love bags. A good bag can instantly upgrade the simplest outfit and make it look more expensive and polished. However, we often go along in trends and spend more money than we should just to be over them in a few months. That’s not intelligent shopping my dear! If you have a lot of money to spend on …

A mala que fez o meu verão | My Summer bag


Não, não foi uma DKNY, nem uma MK, nem uma Coach, nem nenhuma marca que me tenho custado umas valentes centenas de euros. A mala que fez o meu verão foi uma mochila da Ruika! No, it wasn’t any DKNY, MK, Coach, or any other (even more) expensive bag. The bag that made most of my Summer was a Ruika backpack! Just to give you …