Interviewing celebrity’s hair stylist Pedro Valverde

I went to talk to Pedro Valverde, Portuguese hairstylist for Pandora Hairdresser who received us with a sincere smile for a relaxed interview. We got to know him and his career better and got a glints of the Portuguese consumer and this season hair trends. My friend Ana Pacheco was the model for the day and this was the outcome of a super fun afternoon…
RCM: How did your path begun?
PV: It started as a joke, I was majoring in design and sometimes had to do makeup and hair for assignments as my colleagues always handed that part to me… And I just fell in love with hair and it has been 14 years already. I begun working just after finishing my degree and have made several training’s in Spain and Italy, as well as in Portugal.
RCM: Does the Portuguese women care for her hair?
PV: The Portuguese women cares for her hair in one of two occasions: wether for a special event or when the hair is already damaged. Although, this new generation seems to be more caring and there  are more products and further, easy to access, information, which makes everything easier and more appealing.
RCM: His this a costumer that worries about trends or does she comes with really preconceived, hard to change, ideas?
PV: We see it all. I have costumers that never change, not even with “pretty please”! But usually I keep my clients up with the trends, adapting it to her faces, life style and time. I actually change people a lot.
RCM: What about men?
PV: Men are more and more open to suggestions and change… The down side is that the hair it self is not always long enough to work a lot of change, besides, male clients are very loyal to their hairstylist.
RCM: You also style for television. In what way is that experience different and what’s more rewarding?
PV: It is not that different, I gotta have the same factors into account when executing the work, although television allows more freedom and creativity. The everyday job ends up being more rewarding because clients are more grateful for the change, they really appreciate it as in TV, everyone’s looking at your work, unaware that it is your work.
RCM: What’s trending this season?
PV: This Summer is all about looking natural and relaxed, untamed and messy, really short or very long, light, loosen and with volume. Color wise blonds and reds are this season favorite’s.

RCM: We’re seeing a lot of advertising to L’oreal Beach Waves, what’s your take on this service? Are there alternatives offered by the competition?

PV: To be completely honest, I strongly object to this service. Developing a quimical service for Summer, when you go to the beach and the pool, in a country where 90% of women have colored or bleached hair, won’t have a great outcome. But all brands can provide this service.
RCM: So, to whom would you recommend this kind of service?
PV: Only to straight, flat, natural hair. That’s the only type of hair in which you can aim a good outcome.
RCM: And how can we get natural waves at home?
PV: It’s super easy, just use a curling iron or curling product.
RCM: What Summer product can’t we live whiteout this season?
PV: Unique One, it’s a leave in spray mask with ten benefits, it’s amazing!
That’s how our interview with Pedro went, always nice, attentive, honest and talented.
We hope that you like it and can make use of Pedro’s tips. See you soon!
Stay Happy & Fashiontastic!
Xoxo, RCM.


Raquel C. Macias dressed by Cores de Perdição with G.sel dress
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Photography by Rute Obadia Fotografia
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