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Eyelash Extensions | Extensão de Pestanas

I have always been encouraged to like my eyes. Despite my dark circles (a family trademark!), I always heard that my eyes were different, slanted and long-lashed, with a characteristic color (neither brown, nor green but rather a combination of them both that someone simplified by calling it hazelnut) and sharp look. As years went by, this would become one of my favorite features and the one I like to enhance the most when I do my makeup. I haven’t always liked eye-shadow, pencil or liner but I’ve always enjoyed mascara. It’s rare for me to apply lipstick but it’s even more uncommon for me to walk out the door without accentuating my eyelashes, mainly because they tend to get blondish at the ends.

A few years ago, I decided to try eyelash extensions. At the time I found it very uncomfortable, even though I was pleased with the visual outcome. But they felt hard and fake and because I have such sensitive eyes, I never used them again.

Years later, here I am, with a schedule trip and in desperate need of rest and not worrying about a thing and that’s when I decide to give it another go. I searched thoroughly for a professional that could explain to me what might have gone wrong on my previous experience and that seemed competent not only applying the extensions but caring for my own lashes and eyes (SO important!). And that’s how I found Silvia Machado who is entirely dedicated to the art of applying and removing eyelash extensions.

Silvia gave me a choice between thread-by-thread, silk lashes to accomplish length or, a technic called Russian Volume, which focuses on volume and uses thiner, softer threads. As I have very sensitive eyes and I am a bit “itchy”, I chose the latter.

I can now state that it was the right decision. After the first few days of adaptation – It seemed to me that I had too many lashes and my eyes, being sensitive, it took them a day or two to completely clear – I started to like the outcome right away, the extensions are so soft that I forget I have them, I do not feel the glue or my own lashes stuck and, when some extension falls (which it’s normal), it comes in only one lash, it doesn’t grab a all bunch.

Silvia explain that my previous experience might have been caused by excess glue and that lashes have to be loose, technicians can’t glue several natural lashes together because they have different growth cycles and this will cause them to be plucked. They have to be applied one by one and, naturally, the material used also makes a huge diference.

There are, of course, cautions to bare in mind, such as do not scratch or rub your eyes and it’s important to rest from extensions every six months to give your lashes the chance to fully regenerate. But, with proper care and a competent professional, there shouldn’t be any greater damage to the natural eyelashes.

Vacations are trough, I walked around happily and without a single makeup product in my luggage, which left some extra space for shopping!! And since Summer has just started and I have a few more getaways planned ahead, I think I’m gonna stick with this doll eyes for a while longer!

With joy, Raquel.

Eyelash Extensions | Extensão de Pestanas

– Live, Love, Laugh –


Eyelash Extensions | Extensão de Pestanas

Silvia Machado


Silvia Machado


Silvia Machado1

Eyelash Extensions | Extensão de Pestanas

purple bikini – cia maritima

green bikini – ViX paula hermanny

pattern tunic  – zara

sunglasses – marc jacobs

hat – chapéu panamá

before and after shot courtesy of – Silvia Machado

special guest star, my baby – Chanel


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