Exchanging Christmas Presents

Saldos-Sales-Trocas-Presentes de Natal-Christmas Presents

Christmas is over and now we’re left with the presents to exchange… You know, those gifts filled with good intentions but that have nothing to do with you. We all have someone in our lives with no talent for gift-shopping and always offers you something you’d never wear. As much as you love that person, if you can exchange the item, do it! And now that the sales are in, it’s a great time to get more value out of that switch! Just pay attention to a couple of factores…

Saldos-Sales-Trocas-Presentes de Natal-Christmas Presents

They are:

  • Pay attention to the timeframe in witch your exchange will be accepted. Most stores have a 30 days policy but it’s always good to be sure so you won’t get disappointed.
  • Super importante!… Don’t lose the ticket and do not cut off the tags!
  • Take advantage of sale season to get more value out of your exchange – It’s a great opportunity to shop for basics, investment pieces and/or extravagant ones (these are trends or any garments that you know from the start, you won’t wear as much and so avoid buying – think sequins, feathers, fur… If you can get it with a fat discount, this is the time to cheer up your closet!).
  • Avoid lunch time to do your exchanges. Shops will be cluttered and you’ll be in a hurry, therefor feeling pressured + you need to eat! Make an appointment in your calendar and, if possible, make it first thing in the morning – even if on the weekends, it’s the best time to shop.
  • Last but not least, if you can’t find anything you like or flatters you, ask if you can have a store credit of the same amount. This way you’ll buy time and don’t lose the amount (or get stuck with your ugly present!).

Saldos-Sales-Trocas-Presentes de Natal-Christmas Presents

Now, what about you? What’s that special item you’re hoping to invest in? What was your favourite Christmas present and the one you can’t wait to exchange? Leave your opinion on this or submit other style questions you’d like to have answered? Let’s get the conversation started in the comment area down below ↓

Saldos-Sales-Trocas-Presentes de Natal-Christmas Presents

For other style and lifestyle questions or if you wanna leave suggestions for future posts, feel free to contact me. As an image consultant, I can give you tools and guide you in the search for the style that characterizes and favors you the most. Besides, I’m always counting on your inquires to inspire me!

Saldos-Sales-Trocas-Presentes de Natal-Christmas Presents

Thank you so much for reading me and I’ll see you soon!

With joy & style,

Xoxo, Raquel

 – Live, Love, Laugh –

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