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Cooking in Style | Stress Free Family Gathering | Recipe

Cooking in Style | Stress Free Family Gathering | Recipe

Gathering the all family at home can easily become the most difficult task of the day. Tired after a long day and, if you’re anything like me, looking for everything to be perfect, it can be more stressful than fun. But isn’t it, exactly, the opposite that we aim? I’d say so. The trick to survive without being on the verge of a nervous breakdown …



Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving. It’s not really a tradition in Portugal but I adopted it from the US because I love the meaning so much. It really is amazing how good it feels to take a day to count your blessings and realize all the good things that we had in the past year. To appreciate that and to be thankful.   And this is …

O amor anda no ar… Sempre ♥


Bom dia alegria!!! É sexta-feira, weeeeeeeee 😉 Ontem aqui por casa foi assim, num ambiente romântico que sabe sempre tão bem. E não é dizer que se é romântico só uma vez no ano mas, afinal, todos os pretextos são bons para o ser, verdade? E o “V-Day” é apenas mais um! Beijocas e tenham um dia fabuloso 🙂 Cogumelos recheados com queijo feta, tomate …