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Care for your feet

We all know that caring for your face, hair and hands is essential. However, feet are often neglected, either because they’re more out of sight or just plain sloth. Yet, I believe that ensuring the beauty and health of our feet is as important as any other aspect, if not more! After all it’s upon them that we walk around every day, it’s they who support us and take us where we want to go. Don’t you think that that alone should grant them special treatment?

A few months ago I come across this new “tool” that’s suppose to help us with it and today, I’m sharing my secret for good looking feet with you. It’s the Electronic Foot File from Dr.Scholl (or Amopé, depending on where in the world you’re reading me). For me personally, I don’t have a lot of dead skin and I don’t have calluses, so this even replaces the trip to the pedicure. For those who have more pronounced issues, perhaps it would be better to start with a specialized pedicure and use the file for maintenance.

Step by step:

  • Use the electronic file to remove dead skin and potencial calluses (let me know when you test it if it does in fact work on calluses as said in the package). The file is super soft and easy to use.
  • As with hands, it is essential filing toenails in order to maintain them straight and healthy.
  • Prepare a bath with hot water and the velvet smooth – cleaning feet gel. Soak your feet in this bath for a few minutes and take this time to relax. After this relaxing bath you can take to prepare your nails to be painted, pushing the cuticles back, as with a manicure.

Care for your feet

  • Finish with the velvet smooth intense serum, massaging each foot until the product is absorbed.

Et voilá! Soft and pretty feet are all set. All there’s left to do is choose a nice nail polish and color them!

Care for your feet

Extra Stylist Tip: To maintain my feet soft and hydrated I always keep a bottle of cream on my nightstand so that every night I remember to moisturize them, as well as my hands, elbows and knees, right before I go to sleep 😉

Care for your feet



– Live, Love, Laugh –

Care for your feet

I hope you have enjoyed and can use these tips to take more care of yourself.

Thank you so much for reading me!

With joy, Raquel

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