About Raquel C. Macias

Raquel C. Macias
Raquel C. Macias is a Portuguese Personal Stylist, Style Expert, Educator, and Digital Influencer. She started her career over a decade ago after going through some serious health issues. She discovered she had unique skills to hide whatever “imperfections” she didn’t want shown and decided to invest in learning all there was to know about the art of styling.
Raquel started by working in celebrity styling and fashion but she found that the most rewarding job – personally – was to work with real women, instead. Therefor, that has been the focus of her career, for the last few years. She has this unique ability to change the way people feel about themselves through her styling services, to build up their self-esteem and self-worth in order to be strong and confident enough to accomplish anything else in all the other areas of their lives – professional, personal, romantic.

Raquel C. Macias has worked with several celebrities and luxury brands over the years and has been featured in “Cosmopolitan Portugal”, “Caras” magazine, “Perfumes & Companhia” magazine, “SIC Mulher” (TV channel), “Modani Furniture” website, “Bonobos” website, “Ideias TV” (TV channel), “Hacid Magazine”, “Stain Magazine”,  “Zankyou Magazine”  and many other media outlets for her style expertise.


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