6 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

What to buy for Valentine’s Day

With little over a week to spend, Valentine’s Day is right at our doorstep and, as promised, here comes help finding that special gift that he will love or, at least, inspire your shopping.

flowers valentines day

Break the convection and buy him flowers! Yes, I said flowers. Why is it that only men can give their damsels a pretty bouquet? Let’s put a “wow” face on that guy and really surprise him! There’s a good chance this is the first time he gets flowers.


If he’s an adrenaline junkie or a car enthusiast, give him a Ferrari or Lamborghini driving blast!

iPad Pro Apple

The new iPad Pro or some other gadget he might have been eyeing for a while. Besides, most men like technology.


Dinner at a sensual place, like an aphrodisiac restaurant or a fancy restaurant with a burlesque show… I’m sure he’ll be pleasantly surprised and it should keep your night very interesting.

Alain Afflelou

One cool accessory, like these innovative Afflelou (sun)glasses… They are super cool, very practical and also give the eyes a nice rest when you spend long hours on the computer. If you don’t have it in your country, you can always go for something trendy like a “newspaper boy cap”.

Paris Gettaway

In a time of consumption, give him experiences to remember, like a weekend getaway. I’m sure you have talked about going some place that, for one reason or the other, you end up never going. So, make that reservation and just go.

Now, do tell me about you and your plans for this V-Day! Leave your opinion on this article or submit any style questions you’d like to have answered? Let’s get the conversation started in the comment area down below ↓

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“Every day is Valentine’s Day…”

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