6 Gift ideas for Her

6 Gift Ideas for Her

In order to find the right gift, we should always think carefully about the person we’re giving it to, their personality, taste, etc. Today, I bring you 6 gift ideas for 6 special women in your life…


Dama de Copas-lingerie

It’s a classic that never goes out of style and something that most women like. Ideal to gift your girlfriend.

Sapatos | Shoes


We grow up hearing Cinderella story so it’s only natural that we also grow to love shoes 🙄!! Be a darling and gift your sister with a nice pair of shoes.

Vinho | Wine

Monte Cascas - Vinho Português

We often think about offering a bottle of wine to men but never to women. However, I actually know a lot of female, wine connoisseurs – I’m including myself here. Opt for a special bottle, a remarkable harvest and give it to your best friend, to share.


Spa Ritz Lisboa-Four Seasons

These days, few things are more precious than time. It’s scarce, we’re always running around and never spending enough of it with our loved ones. This year, gift your wife with some couples time, with a trip to the Spa.

Viagens | Travels

Roma-piazza di spagna

And speaking of trips and time, because we have so little of it, I find myself, more and more, valuing experiences over things. Give your mom a weekend on a European capital, someplace new and exciting, that you can both enjoy, laugh together and remember for years to come.

Jóias | Jewelry


Specially when we get to that 30’s barrier, we’ve talked about it here, that we should stop wearing cheap jewelry, right?! And we can find jewelry for every taste and budget. Also, most women like it so give your mother-in-law something special, this year.

Now, what about you? Have you thought about the presents your gifting this Christmas? What’s your greatest hurdle when choosing? Leave your opinion on this or submit other style questions you’d like to have answered? Let’s get the conversation started in the comment area down below ↓

6 Presentes para Elas

And if you need help searching for your Christmas presents, feel free to contact me. As an image consultant, I can give you tools and guide you in the search for the right gift, that matches both the taste and personality of the person you’re gifting.

6 Presentes para Elas_6 Gift Ideas for her

Thank you so much for reading me and I’ll see you soon!

With joy & style,

Xoxo, Raquel

 – Live, Love, Laugh –

6 Gift Ideas for Her_6 Ideias de Presentes para Elas

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