5 Ways to be More Stylish

5 Ways to be more Stylish

Who wouldn’t like to elevate his/her personal style? All of us can improve our style and that will certainly benefit your personal and professional life but, also and more importantly, built your self-esteem and self-confidence. Here’s 5 super easy, tried and tested formulas to elevate your personal style in no time!

Be confident

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Confidence is key! Meaning, if you have something about you that you love (and you must have something!), show it off. Great legs? Beautiful hands? Gorgeous neckline? Whatever it is, just drive attention to that area, with class (obviously) and confidence.

Jeans & tee


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Layer… How? I’m always telling my clients, students, friends – layering is the easiest way to elevate your personal style. How do you do it? Take a basic look, for exemple – jeans and t-shirt – and add another layer, which can be a blazer, a trench-coat, a leather jacket… See the difference?

Pop of Color

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Color. I’m a huge fan of neutrals. Especially now, in the Winter, I wear a lot of black, white, grey but adding a pop of color to your outfit is a quick and easy style boost!

Get out of your Comfort Zone

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I said it here and I say it again, step out of your comfort zone. It’s great to make the most of your wardrobe, to unwind, to break the rut… Fashion doesn’t have to be taken so serious. It doesn’t hurt to try a different style, even if to realize that it’ does not suit us.


5 –

Prints. Adding a print can completely change a outfit and add interest, making it stand out… And you don’t even have to take a huge risk, a simple scarf is a great way to start.

5 Ways to be more Stylish

Now, do tell me about you and your style! Leave your opinion on this or submit other style questions you’d like to have answered? Let’s get the conversation started in the comment area down below ↓

Get out of your Comfort Zone

For other style and lifestyle questions or if you wanna leave suggestions for future posts, feel free to contact me. As an image consultant, I can give you tools and guide you in the search for the style that characterizes and favors you the most. Besides, I’m always counting on your inquires to inspire me!

Jeans & tee

Thank you so much for reading me and I’ll see you soon!

With joy & style,

Xoxo, Raquel

 – Live, Love, Laugh –

5 Ways to be more Stylish

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