5 Investment Bags you’ll have Forever

5 Investment bags you’ll have forever CHANEL BOY

I don’t know about you but I love bags. A good bag can instantly upgrade the simplest outfit and make it look more expensive and polished. However, we often go along in trends and spend more money than we should just to be over them in a few months. That’s not intelligent shopping my dear! If you have a lot of money to spend on it, sure but if you’re trying to build a solid wardrobe, that works for you and not against you, that’s not the way to go. After all, clutter equals stress!

So, these are the bags that you can invest in, knowing that you’ll be wearing them forever… Or at least until they’re way beaten down.

A crossbody bag, in a neutral color, is a super versatile handbag to have. It’s great for running around, if you know you’ll have your hands busy, carrying other stuff and it’s also a great bag to take on vacation. It’s easy to carry, it fits a lot if you need it to but still looks good when you empty it a bit at the hotel.

Investimento: GUCCI GG Marmont | Universo Paralelo: Mala em Camurça/Couro H&M

Investment: GUCCI GG Marmont | Paralele Universe: H&M

A tote bag. This is a bag that carries your entire world if you need it to! I exaggerate a bit but barely… When you know you’re having a super long day, with lots of different errands to run, places to be, etc. and there’s a lot of things you must have with you, like your iPad, your diary, your crackers… This bag will be your best friend!

A black, classic bag is a must in every wardrobe. It might be fun to have others, to switch around frequently but this is the one you can’t live without. A medium size bag with chain is also super versatile to go from work to dinner or drinks with your friends… It’s an “always on point” kinda bag.

Investimento: CHANEL "Classic Flap Bag", tamanho médio | Universo Paralelo: Mala em pele Zara

Investment: CHANEL “Classic Flap Bag”, medium size | Paralele Universe: Zara

A red, structured, leather bag can instantly elevate or create added interest to any outfit. Basic white tee and jeans, add a red, leather handbag and it’s a whole new ball game!

Investimento: Dolce & Gabbana "Lucia" | Universo Paralelo: Mala em camurça/pele Zara

Investment: Dolce & Gabbana “Lucia” | Paralele Universe: Zara

A good, leather wallet. I know, it’s not a handbag, however, it’s just has important. You carry it every day, you’re constantly pulling it out to pay all kinds of stuff. If you’re grabbing a quick coffee on a short break, maybe you even leave the handbag and just take the wallet on your hand… It has to speak to your personal style. Also, this is an item that gets a lot of wear, so if it’s not good quality, it will soon show.

I recommend going with a smaller wallet that will easily fit into every handbag (I currently have one that is way to big for some of my handbags and it’s a pain having to move my documents and cards all the time!).

Investimento: CHANEL | Universo Paralelo: Michael Kors

Investment: CHANEL | Paralele Universe: Michael Kors

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5 Investment bags you’ll have forever

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5 Investment bags you’ll have forever CHANEL

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5 Investment bags you’ll have forever CHANEL STARBUCKS

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